Submit a Letter of Inquiry

We accept inquiries throughout the year. Please note that the Foundation does not fund individuals, scholarships, direct services, or international projects.

Applicants must submit letters of inquiry through the Foundation’s online application system. Letters of inquiry that are not submitted through the online application system will not be considered.

In order to submit a letter of inquiry, applicants must create an account and complete the online letter of inquiry form. The letter should contain facts and figures about the organization, describe its mission and explain the purpose of the request, including the Foundation program under which a grant is being requested. Please read the Letter of Inquiry Content Guide below before making your submission.

Once a letter of inquiry arrives at the Foundation, our staff determines whether the proposed project fits the Foundation’s funding guidelines. Please read the program guidelines carefully before applying. Our staff responds to letters of inquiry within 30 business days letting applicants know whether they will be invited to submit a full proposal.

Letter of Inquiry Content Guide

Each letter of inquiry should include the following information

  1. The organization’s official name and contact information;
  2. A brief (1,000 character maximum) summary of the organization’s mission and recent work history;
  3. The organization’s Tax Exempt Status and Tax ID # (or that of your fiscal sponsor);
  4. The total amount of the organization’s budget, and if applying for a project or program grant, the total amount of the proposed project or program budget;
  5. An indication of the amount and type of support – general, project or program– being requested. General support funds are used to advance a grantee organization’s general mission and to pay expenses incurred in conducting its nonprofit activities. Project or program grants can only be used for specific activities described in the proposal and approved by the Foundation.
  6. A narrative description (9,000 characters or less) of the problem(s) to be addressed by the proposal; the work to be performed and accomplished; and a description of how the proposal fits a designated aspect of the Foundation’s program guidelines.

To begin a new LOI online submission, click here.

Scheduling LOI Submissions

LOIs are accepted on a rolling basis.  If, after review, a full proposal is invited, applicants will be assigned a deadline for the proposal submission.

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