Public Welfare Foundation Announces New Grants

The Board of Directors approved nearly $4 million in grants to nine organizations across the country. ... Full Story
Category: Uncategorized

The Pervasiveness of Wage Theft

A new study by a Public Welfare Foundation grantee shows how costly minimum wage violations are to low-wage workers in 10 key states.... Full Story
Category: Workers’ Rights

The Impact of Incarceration

Facts and Figures: Some of the effects of imprisoning so many people in America... Full Story
Category: Criminal Justice, Infographics

One Solution to the Access Crisis in our Civil Justice System

In an opinion column for Governing magazine, Public Welfare Foundation President & CEO Mary McClymont highlights new efforts in seven states to give people the help they need in court. ... Full Story
Category: Special Initiative: Civil Legal Aid

New Ways to Increase Access to Justice

A program in Washington State uses specially trained individuals to help people with particular legal problems.... Full Story
Category: Special Initiative: Civil Legal Aid
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