Stop Punishing Youth Like Adults in Court

Justice reform advocates in California, including families affected by murder and incarceration, have made enormous strides in getting youth out of the adult criminal justice system. ... Full Story
Category: Youth Justice

Treating Kids Like Kids

A new report by two Public Welfare Foundation grantees shows continuing momentum on keeping youth out of adult courts.... Full Story
Category: Youth Justice

New Poll Shows Support for Keeping Youth out of Prison

Across the country, there are widespread preferences for more prevention and rehabilitation rather than punishment and incarceration.... Full Story
Category: Youth Justice

Keeping Youth Safe in Communities

A national coalition of youth advocacy organizations, including a Public Welfare Foundation grantee, sounds a renewed call for community-based alternatives to youth prisons.... Full Story
Category: Youth Justice

Who is Pushing to Keep Kids out of Adult Court?

Advocates have helped change state laws and policies that have been harmful to youth, their families, and communities.... Full Story
Category: Youth Justice
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